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Step 1:

Browse our Wines and Merch

Step 2:
You have options here, you can either:

1. Shoot us a text to 213-513-7660
2. Send us a DM at @goodboywine
3. Place your order on this very here website

    If texting or DM'ing, you can either say the name of the wine/merch item and how many of them that you would like, OR use the emoji which represents the wine. For example:

    UFO: 🛸

    Dazed in Bordeaux: 🤤

    Good Boy Vintage Black Dealer T: 🎱

    Step 3:
    We'll confirm with you and reply with an invoice link to pay from your phone, easy as pie 🥧

    Step 4:
    Make sure to have your ID when we drop it off for ya! 

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