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Shipping wine is expensive. However, we think it's a bummer when you order a bunch of good wine then get hit with a huge shipping bill. Because of this, we've decided to cover roughly half of the shipping costs of all orders . So, the shipping prices that you see at checkout are actually about half of the actual cost. Yes, we take a hit here, BUT if that means that we can get you quality vino a bit more affordably, then so be it!

Also, we now ship to California, New York, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Florida, and Washington DC.

We generally ship 1 times per week, so yes, you may have to wait a couple of extra days. We say that it's worth the wait!

If your order is outside of the western US, please keep an eye out for an email from Wineshipping LLC for your tracking information. Shipping is done via our friends at Amplify Wines, where we produce our wines, so you'll see "Amplify Wines on behalf of Good Boy" in your tracking information.


For all shipping, you do need to be there and you will be asked to provide your driver's license when the carrier arrives. Our delivery company will make 3 attempts and if they are unable to make the delivery (you're not there to receive the delivery), the shipment will be returned to us - at this point we can either offer a refund (minus the shipping cost) OR we can schedule another delivery (but you will have to pay for shipping again unfortunately) 

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